A Diagnostic Laboratory You Can Carry in Your Purse!

Hardware and software medical applications are increasingly being developed for smartphones. This one is a convenient mini-laboratory powered by a smartphone.  As reported in MedCity News:

Although molecular diagnostic devices tend to be expensive, Biomeme figured out how to build one that uses a smartphone and sells for roughly $1,000. In addition to STD testing…it’s developing tests for dengue fever, yellow fever, and malaria, among others.

One of the interesting things about the company is how wide the applications are for healthcare sectors and beyond. It currently has 10 partnerships with groups in agriculture, environmental monitoring, along with military uses.

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  1. D. Acemoglu says:

    This innovation could be very profitable.

    • Walter Q. says:

      Widespread use of these just in detection of diseases alone will help save numerous lives.

  2. Bill B. says:

    “A Diagnostic Laboratory You Can Carry in Your Purse!”

    “The lead indication is detecting sexually transmitted diseases.”

    “For assurance after those late nights that you want to forget..”

  3. Thomas says:

    This can be an important advancement for public health in second and third world countries. Especially as it continues to improve and develop more tests for other diseases.

  4. Raul M says:

    This is revolutionary and will make a great advancement in society. It will help to stop the propagation of STDs across the world and will help millions living with these diseases.

    • James M. says:

      Especially with the partnerships and groups that are on board. Hopefully handheld diagnostic labs will be vastly prevalent in the future.

  5. Blake R says:

    We are living in the future. This device is a marvelous invention. Let’s hope it spreads quickly and people from across the globe, of any social class, can get access to this technology.

  6. Small Business Health. says:

    Small Business Health. Indeed, its very convenient at the same time hopeful.

  7. BHS says:

    There is hardly anything that can’t be done on a smartphone nowadays!

  8. Sue says:

    “It’s also designed to do real-time disease tracking at the point of care.”

    What does that mean, precisely?