A Doctor Describes How She is Adjusting to the New Billing Code

This is Patricia McLaughlin:

Surprise! A chain of unexpected expenses flows from the “simple” ICD-10 change depending upon your billing program company.

My billing program was MediSoft Version 17 (a McKesson product). Version 19 (still running into new program glitches) is the one needed for ICD-10. The conversion from Version 17 to 18 took place AFTER we had to purchase 7 new CPUs and 2 new servers. Then a top notch IT team was hired to network everything and found that the new Microsoft Word required several other office programs to change. More expense! The computerized medical record we use was written privately 15 years ago by an ophthalmologist for ophthalmologists. Unfortunately, it never reached a national market and folded. We still like the program (compared to others on the market) and thus needed to locate one of the original programmers to have him do whatever was necessary to allow it to run with the new Word. More dollars flying out! Still waiting patiently for the green light to suffer again through the billing upgrade from MediSoft Version 18 to 19 (once other guinea pigs uncover the glitches of the new program…I’ve had more than my fill, thank you…took me 2 years to force BCBS to pay for over 30 claims lost in cyberspace during the “required” 5010 conversion a few years back)

Besides the software/hardware expense, this all takes time, research, and a great IT team. TIME is the most important component. This ICD-10 conversion is NOT something that will work for procrastinators. All the vendors selling these upgrades are expecting to be overworked at the last minute. Their employees are a limited resource.

I hope this is delayed and would hate like hell to have lost $38,000.00 for all the work done so far to get ready…

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  1. Gordon says:

    “TIME is the most important component” Probably this is another story of “Chaos”..

  2. Perry says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street. Combining this with all the other idiotic regulations will massacre the health care field.

  3. Tina says:

    Why do they always make thing so complicated?

  4. Lucas says:

    “I hope this is delayed and would hate like hell to have lost $38,000.00 for all the work done so far to get ready”

    This is an important drawback of the ACA that many are not noticing. Patient visits will cost more just based off the extra work needed to run with the new programs.

  5. Erik says:

    The ICD-10 was developed by the World Health Organization and 25 countries use for reimbursements. The US is behind. The ICD-10 will make doctors more precise in their diagnostic billing which will reduce the cost of healthcare for all.

    • Greg Scandlen says:

      Nonsense. What possible difference could it make if a break my leg in an opera house or an art gallery? If the WHO developed it you can bet it’s a mess.

  6. Thomas says:

    “A chain of unexpected expenses flows from the “simple” ICD-10 change.”

    There is nothing simple about it.

  7. Tracey says:

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