A Telling Map

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  1. Jamison says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that Massachusetts is one of TWO states to fully comply with ACA standards.

  2. Hazen Zilla says:

    There is actually some sort of weird symmetry on the map. A band of yellow down the middle with orange on either side and Texas and Wisconsin opposing each other in red. It would interesting to see this map’s correlation to other factors.

  3. Ray Williams says:

    Jamison, I actually see that THREE states fully comply with ACA standards. Anyway, this is troublesome as is entire system and new reform.

  4. Anthony Sombers says:

    I find it interesting that NH is in the red category.

  5. Edward Swetsen says:

    This goes to show how inconsistent this reform is. Why bother go through all the trouble of creating and passing a new law, if no one is going to abide it? Either there is a lack of enforcement from the government’s part, or states simply know how unlawful this reform is, and of course they don’t want to adopt it.

  6. Andrea says:

    It’s called “requirement”, meaning it’s mandatory for everyone. Since when they just get to pick and choose what they will cover? Very discouraging.

  7. John Kumar says:

    Do most people even know the ACA standards, may be that is why they don’t meet the standard.

  8. ColoComment says:

    What incentive was there for states to make any adjustments prior to (i) the SCt ruling last summer, and (ii) release of the HHS guidelines (which just happened on 2/20/13)? Further, note that it’s not necessarily a bright-line definition of “essential.” Rather, there’s room for flexibility, state-to-state.

    “It is important to note that in 2014 some states may have broader requirements for Essential Health Benefits than others because each state has some influence on the details within each Essential Health Benefit category. The Affordable Care Act requires that Essential Health Benefits be equivalent to the coverage offered by a “typical employer plan” within a state.”

  9. Gabriel Odom says:

    That’s odd, I’ve read in multiple places that Wisconsin’s health care is top-of-the-line.

  10. Patel says:

    I am not surprised by this, our health care system is a complex network, with some practices top of the line while others are a hot mess. Given this variance, I am not surprised they don’t meet the ACA standards.

  11. Hazen Zilla says:


    Unfortunately, “top of the line” does not necessarily equate with ACA compliant.

  12. Bob Hertz says:

    I believe that this map refers to existing individual health insurance plans. Someone at NCPA should have said this.

    Be that as it may, this means some very large premium increases for non-group plans, and the chance of another actuarial death spiral.

  13. Hoover says:

    Hazen, I think that’s called the “Mason-Dixon” line 🙂

  14. Jack says:

    Tell you what.. When you get a legislator to sit down and casually explain to me all the requirements of the ACA without going apoplectic, then I’ll care about compliance.

    The enforcement makes me laugh.

  15. Buster says:

    Very scary!