After Almost One Year, Some Medicaid Applicants Still Not Enrolled

man-in-wheelchairWell, there is progress. In June, we discussed the three million people who were funneled into Medicaid by Obamacare’s exchanges, but had still not been enrolled. As of October, the backlog is down to a few hundred thousand.

California and Tennessee are facing lawsuits from residents who say they have seen long delays for coverage after signing up for Medicaid, the federal-state health program for the low income and disabled. Some say they have been waiting since late 2013.

The delays stem from various technical problems and the sheer volume of Medicaid applications states must process.

And the exchanges will be open for business again in less than one month, attracting a bunch of new applicants who will swamp these long-suffering ones.

This pain and suffering was not necessary. NCPA has long endorsed giving every household a tax credit, equal to the amount Medicaid costs, which they can use to buy Medicaid-quality coverage or top up with extra funds for better coverage.







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  1. Big Truck Joe says:

    Freedom of provider or insurer is not the intent of Obamacare. If Obama had his way, Medicare supplemental insurance would have been outlawed but since it’s is so poplular with beneficiaries they couldn’t do that. That’s why they won’t allow Mediciaid recipients the freedom to buy additional coverage or other similar Medicaid coverage. The fewer the providers and insurers, the easier to manipulate.