Being Uninsured is Better than Being on Medicaid to Get a Doctor’s Appointment

doc-with-patientPosing as patients, researchers made almost 13,000 calls to doctors’ offices in ten states, seeking appointments for a variety of ailments. For those posing as privately insured patients, they got appointments 85 percent of the time. For those posing as patients on Medicaid, they only got appointments 58 percent of the time. Researchers also posed as uninsured patients who were willing to pay in full at the time of the appointment.

The result? 78 percent were successful (for appointments costing more than $75) — 36 percent better than those posing as Medicaid patients and quite close to those posing as privately insured.

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  1. J. Heckman says:

    But who can afford to pay the bills?

  2. Jimbino says:

    A person with any sense–particularly the exploited young, healthy, childfree male–will refuse Obamacare and seek medical care in places like Mexico, where the prices are very low.

    • Andrew says:

      Where there are incentives, people follow. If ObamaCare is too costly and limits access, then off to Mexico it is.

      • Jimbino says:

        Andrew, the “death spiral” is your friend. Only a few young, single, childfree, healthy males need to trust their health care to Mexico to initiate the downward spiral.

        I am only one guy, like John Galt, and I’m doing my best to lead the way. I am now in Rio de Janeiro, having just had cataract surgery at half the USSA price quoted in Austin, TX.

  3. Thomas says:

    The vast increase of people on Medicaid due to the expansion is only going to worsen those numbers. I imagine that 58% shrinking considerably.

  4. Peter A says:

    Let’s wait; soon those that are insured through the exchanges will be receiving the mediocre care that those on Medicaid are currently receiving. It wouldn’t surprise me if in the near future only those willing to pay fully out of pocket, will be able to receive treatment.

  5. Hector E says:

    Obamacare did not make healthcare affordable, it didn’t provide coverage for everyone and will make it more difficult for individuals to see their doctor. I think that we can clearly state that it is a failed program.