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John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog shows that health policy can be fun! It is the liveliest, wittiest, most engaging and most informative health policy blog on the Internet. Below you’ll find a few excerpts of posts from the past 6 years, handpicked by Goodman himself.



(Goodman) “I am establishing the Mondrian Award for Ineffectiveness in Health Policy. The award will go to the program, agency or proposal that promises the least health outcome for the most dollars spent.”
(Comment by David) “Excellent idea, we also ought to have an award for most overpaid health care PR shill. We can call it the Goodman Award.” (read more…)

(Goodman) “It’s a law of human nature. Whenever people start discussing health policy, their IQs fall by 15 points.”
(Comment by Uwe Reinhardt) “Fascinating, John. Does that law of human nature also apply to Health Alerts?” (read more…)


Goodman Over the Top:
“Bing! It’s Round 6 for Goodman and Ali. Goodman pounces out of his corner. He’s bobbing and weaving. Ali is looking a little groggy after the pounding he’s taken for the first five rounds.
Oops. Sorry. I was having a Walter Mitty moment.”  (read more…)

Uwe Reinhardt Over the Top:
“Upon reading John Goodman’s ‘Another Scary Forecast,’ in which he wrote that ‘Looking indefinitely into the future, the unfunded liability in these two programs is $87.9 trillion, almost six times the size of the US economy,’ I jumped into my car, drove up to the Verrazano’s Narrow’s Bridge on Staten Island, NY, and climbed high upon one of its spans, from there to jump into the waters hundreds of feet below.” (read more…)


Puns for Fun: Readers’ Comments to “To See or Not to See

Bruce says:  We do want everyone to see eye to eye don’t we?
Larry C. says:  Aye, aye, Bruce.
Stephen C. says:  I’d say the eyes have it.
AtillaThePun says:  Reply to Bruce, Larry and Stephen: While you apt pupils may have vision, your outlook is truly short-sighted. This is a serious problem. 40 lashes to each.
Don says:  John, I’ll lens you my opinion — perhaps you should be a pupil to AtillaThePun, who seems to have extraordinary vision but I don’t want to be too corny-a about it so let’s just put a lid on it and I’ll brow out gracefully.
John Goodman says:  Don, your punning ability is out of sight. Eye can’t compete with you.


What Others Are Saying About John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog:

“Excellent!  Truly brilliant.”  — Joel White

“Hilarious!”  — Regina Herzlinger

“One thing I often enjoy about Goodman’s blog is the tone. Goodman will often criticize Princeton health economist Uwe Reinhardt, for instance, and Reinhardt will sometimes come on and comment. Although they twit each other a little, the disagreement is often good-humored.”  — Econlog editor David Henderson

“…Goodman columns have a way of reverberating through the conservative echo chamber and, eventually, into the national political conversation.” — New Republic Senior Editor Jonathan Cohn

“The always-excellent John Goodman points out that the vast majority of innovation in health-care delivery in the United States is taking place in the most free-market portion of the population…” — National Review columnist Avik Roy

“Great article!”  — Brett Skinner (Fraser Institute)

 “Wow, John. This is one of the best pieces/ideas I have read in a long time.”  — J. Mark Lambright (Health Points)

“Well done!”  — Ed Harper (Assurant)

“You have a nice way with words.”  — Gail Wilensky