Best Program Congress is Trying to Kill

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton want insurers to be forced to accept all enrollees for the same premium—regardless of health condition.  The result: health plans will run away from high-cost patients and underprovide to them if they do enroll.  By contrast, the Medicare Advantage program pays more for high-cost patients.  The result:  health plans actively compete for the chronically ill and have enrolled more than a million of them in "special needs" plans.  So what does Congress want to do about it?  Kill the program, of course (see WSJ article here).

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  1. Denise says:

    Medicare advantage enrollees pay more for their special needs. It is a program that not all high-cost patients can afford. Considering all Medicare enrollees are aged or disabled, it is likely that many are special needs. Double edge sword maybe. It all comes down to sacrifice.