Cash for Geezers

 Satire AlertThe Obama Administration has announced a new Cash for Geezers program. Every American family will be eligible for a $4,500 rebate for turning in their old entitlement-guzzling grandparents to a hospice program. The hospice dealers will have two days to dispose of the old models, so they will never again pollute the environment by emitting a steady stream of CO2 as they exhale. This new program will help combat global warming, stimulate the economy, and reduce the federal deficit. Truly a win-win-win program.

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  1. Brian. says:

    Perhaps a good flu pandemic (H1N1) could get this Cash for Geezers program rolling. It might help save Social Security and Medicare too.

    Jonathan Swift would be proud of you, Greg.

  2. Larry C. says:

    Very clever.

  3. Michael Kirsch, M.D. says:

    I like the geezer program, but why should tax dollars be spent on it? Let’s have the insurance companies pay these families to ‘retire’ the aged and infirmed, since these companies stand to benefit from this purification policy. Obama could have another Rose Garden ceremony with the insurance executives celebrating their patriotism.

  4. Brian says:

    The only problem is that while the family would get $4500 for the old geezer- Insurance would take that and the house for the hospice program. They wouldn’t pay a dime, so us taxpayer will have to.

  5. Jo says:

    I’d rather participate in a Roast an Old Socialist program where we skewer liberal old crusty Jackass Dems like Nancy Pelosi, Turncoat Arlan, Hill and Bill (although they are looking so much less harmful these days), Gaffy Biden and the rest of their ilk over open flames. That would get rid of so much damaging hot air in one big bonfire.

  6. Stephen Thomsen says:

    Vote NO on any Health Care Bill. I vote NO This is not a socialist country and never will be, if I have a say.


    If this passes in any form, I will make it my life mission, to get every voter to stop voting for Incumbents. It will be time for an over all change in our leader ship. NO MORE RULLING FAMILY’S

  7. Robin says:

    You know, under the humor of the post is the underlying notion that “Cash for Geezers” could become a reality in the future if obamacare passes.

    Think about it.

  8. Kathy H. says:


  9. deborah says:

    I think if ObamaCare passes it will be time to take to the streets . . .

  10. Mark C. says:

    This would be a lot funnier if it wasn’t so dangerously close to the truth.

  11. HappyCat says:

    I agree with Mark C. It is funny but OH so true. What is becoming of our country. I hear and read remarks like this all the time but somehow nothing is getting done about it. What can we do?

  12. P Jones says:

    Most everyone has heard the old tale that if you put a frog in a pot of water and slowly raise the heat, you can boil the frog and he will never know that anything is going on. The Socialists sees us as frogs, maybe not as smart as real frogs, but certainly manageable in the same way.
    What can we do? We can get very angry and stop being frogs. We can elect real people who believe in the values of America, and then demand that they represent us.
    Lets decide now, that next election (Congressional in 2010) that we will fire any Congressman or Senator who votes for any bill that the Obama Socialists put forward. We have been “reasonable”, polite, and politically correct for much too long–doing so allowed the current liberals to take control of Washington.