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Happy Older Couple in Beach Chairs

Heart attacks are down 20 percent among seniors. No changes for the middle aged.

Fist bumps and high fives are more hygienic than handshakes.

Doctors are almost twice as likely to be organ donors as general public is.

Google and Novartis ink deal to put smart sensors in contact lenses.

Patents for Apple’s iWatch laid open: It will integrate “plethora” of health apps.

Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

Abundance of Cookies18 percent of U.S. kids are obese, same as a decade ago.

This year’s fine for disobeying Obamacare’s individual mandate up to $12,240.

VA hospital waiting-list fix will cost $17.6 billion over three years.

Oregon Medicaid expansion caused months-long waits for care, emergency room surge.

Government Accountability Office stings Obamacare: 11 of 12 fake applications approved and enrolled.

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woman-with-childIf your parent died young, you may too! Death of a parent during childhood is associated with greater mortality in early adulthood.

Don your pith helmet and Bermuda shorts before heading to the burger joint: Eating meat contributes to climate change.

Empathetic people talk with their hands! (But hopefully not with their fists!)

Social media causes antisocial behavior: Facebook usage “is positively correlated with increasing divorce rates

There are regional variations in happiness: Residents of the Rust Belt cities are among the least happy residents of any U.S. city, but so are residents Gotham.

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Jcigarettes-2ury awards $23.6 billion in Florida smoking case.

India to pay whistleblowers for info on counterfeit drugs.

Self-measurement of blood pressure at home is cost effective.

Seniors: A host of digital health tools can save you money, and your life.

Stroke rates declining for seniors — cholesterol, blood pressure meds credited.

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Variety of Medicine in Pill BottlesAdherence to drug therapy varies by both the color and shape of the pill!

Don’t clean out the litter box: Cat poop may fight cancer.

You look good on paper! Company will Photoshop your graduation pics to make you look slimmer.

Why is divorce more common among families with girls? (It’s not what you think)

Pincushion therapy: Acupuncture reduces hormonal “hot flashes.”

Health Wonk Review is up: “ObamaCare is creating uncertainty and increased government control of society, which holds down economic growth” says NCPA senior Fellow John R. Graham.

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iStock_000004347437XSmallSome children now eligible for adult organ transplants.

Number of induced labors for early-term deliveries dropped 12 percent, 2006-2012.

Medical privacy: Let patients opt out of HIPAA and manage their own data.

36 percent increase in global use of antibiotics “alarming“.

Medicare expanding telehealth coverage to include wellness, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis.

Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

electronic-medical-recordElectronic health records are ripe for theft.

Drug-addicted babies in Massachusetts triple the national rate.

The corruption of peer review is harming scientific credibility.

VA wait times triple initial estimates.

Veterans spend 8.7 million hours filling VA paperwork, up from 7 million in 2013.

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Mount Sinai hospital offers iPads to patients to track their stay.

41 percent of U.S. households now own mobile phones only.

Can innovation solve VA waiting list woes? Telemedicine cuts hospital admissions 35 percent.

Smartphone app diagnoses adrenal gland diseases.

Will it ever stop growing? Medicaid added another one million dependents in May.

Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

doctor-mom-and-son70 percent of physicians spend more than one day per week on paperwork; up from 58 percent in 2013.

Colorado: 1 in 4 Obamacare enrollees plan to drop out.

Hospital elevator buttons carry more bacteria than toilet seats.

Teen suicide attempts rise as warning cuts medicine use.

The same people who fumbled Obamacare have custody of the flood of illegal immigrant children.


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electronic-medical-recordCall your doctor: CMS says telehealth services should cover annual wellness visits, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

A remote control for your birth control.

A simple blood test for Alzheimer’s.

Weight loss: The best medicine for osteoarthritis.

And you thought you were a hoarder: CDC finds smallpox vials from 1950s in FDA storage room.

Poop in a pill: Fecal transplant drug nearing Phase 3 clinical trials.

A problem that self-identifies: Microwave oven that counts calories as it nukes.