Consumer Protection?

About two months ago, Dr. Elizabeth Stier was shocked to learn that she would lose a vital credential, board certification as a gynecologist, unless she gave up an important part of her medical practice and her research: taking care of men at high risk for anal cancer. (More)

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  1. perry says:

    I guess I could understand the problem if Dr. Stier was performing neurosurgery, but to be able to do a procedure that can be done for either gender doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch for her board certification. So much for gender equality.

  2. Wiliam says:

    What reason did they have for insisting that their members only treat women?

  3. Mark says:

    “The board’s approach is to be rather dogmatic and to draw a line in the sand.”

    This seems to sum things up here.

  4. Jackson says:

    You know what sounds like a great idea? Risking people’s lives because of ideological conception regarding your organization.

  5. perry says:

    Risking people’s lives because of ideological conception regarding your organization.

    No pun intended right?

  6. Studebaker says:

    …the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology was specifically designed to treat problems of the female reproductive tract and was “restricted to taking care of women.” Of the 24 medical specialties recognized in the United States, he said, it is the only one that is gender-specific…

    The board had always regarded the treatment of women as its mission… but felt a particular need to emphasize it now because the specialty’s image was being tarnished by members who had strayed into moneymaking sidelines, like testosterone therapy for men, and liposuction and other cosmetic procedures for both women and men.

    Heaven forbid doctors engage in work that pays them better than Medicaid! I hope a bunch of OB/GYN docs abandon their board certification and let the sanctimonious Dallas-based board preside in their Ivory Tower.