Exempt from the ObamaCare Mandate: the Amish, Mennonites, Prisoners, Aliens and Indian Tribes

Plus, people who don’t have to file tax returns. Plus people who are uninsured for no more than three months. Plus the homeless.

Plus family members of a worker who is offered “affordable individual coverage” by an employer who faces family premiums in excess of 8% of family income.




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  1. Tyrus says:

    It’s funny how certain people can receive exemption, but others can not. That is the unfortunate reality that we live in.

  2. Andrew O says:

    If it’s supposed to be “universal” then it’s supposed to have no exceptions, but that is how society and the world works.

  3. Joe S. says:

    Very funny. Very clever.

  4. E.B.C says:

    Can I convert just to be exempted? What if the conversion is only on paper? Or do I have to give up all buttons and electronics? Can I be a conscientious objector? What if I am 1/16 Native American? 1/6 Cherokee grants me free college, does it allow me to be exempt from the PPACA? What if I spend my time divided between my cousin and brothers couch? Do I technically have a home then? What if I am really really really determined? Can I find some way to exempt myself? All valid questions…

  5. Lloyd says:

    Really? Aliens….

    The homeless are getting more and more clever.

  6. Natalie says:

    I think it’s kind of ironic that the people that are exempt (i.e. the homeless) are the ones that need it the most. Very good!

  7. Andrew O says:

    Lloyd, not sure I follow your comment…

  8. Lloyd says:

    It is very interesting that aliens are included in the list. The picture of the homeless man has a pretty clever sign. I have been seeing this more and more, or just noticing it.

  9. Studebaker says:

    Out of 30 million people who are expected to lack health coverage, only 6 million will face a fine.

    Photo looks like Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.

  10. Keith says:

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  11. H. James Prince says:

    I guess now is the time to go to prison…

    They have free education as well, don’t they?

  12. Andrew O says:

    Lloyd, what is so interesting about aliens being included in the list as opposed to mennonites?

  13. Kent says:

    To EBC on the Native American question, from what I understand, only Native Americans eligible for IHS coverage are exempt from the health care tax. I am a member of the Cherokee Nation (the Western Cherokees, by the way, have no blood quantum), and I would, in some situations, be eligible for IHS. However, you can’t just go onto Indian healthcare. Much like the German system, if you have a private health plan, you have to exhaust all private provider options before going onto the public plan. When you’re covered by private insurance, you must exhaust your COBRA, prove its unaffordable or be in a situation where COBRA isn’t offered (like your company completely going out of business, thus eliminating your plan altogether). Plus, you have to be turned down in an attempt to find another private insurance carrier or prove no such private insurance provider exists or is otherwise unaffordable. If you can’t do any of those things and were offered COBRA, you must wait until your COBRA eligibility would have expired had you accepted coverage, which can be as long as three years.

    On top of that, I live in Missouri, and the nearest IHS facility to me is a roughly 4 hour drive. So, as I understand it, being a member of an Indian tribe alone doesn’t exempt me from the tax. The only benefit I might be able to get immediately is the PPACA allows Indian tribes to create their own health exchanges as if they were their own state. So, if I were to lose my job and the Cherokee Nation were to set up its own exchange, I would have the option of buying coverage on its exchange in addition to buying on the state exchange. Of course, there’s no telling if the Cherokees’ exchange would work with any providers in my area, but I might have more and/or cheaper options.