Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

gty_jail_dm_120809_wmainObamaCare covers prison inmates. HT: Chris Jacobs.

ER physicians spend more time with EMRs than on direct patient care.

ObamaCare website quietly deletes reference to “free health care.”

A CEO who resisted NSA went to prison; now he feels vindicated.

MSNBC tried to enroll for ObamaCare on live TV. It didn’t go very well.

Black and Hispanic children who go to an E.R. with stomach pain are less likely than white children to receive pain medication and more likely to spend long hours in the emergency room.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Prison Inmates article-

    “Federal government will pay 100% of the costs of the
    new population 2014-2016. July 2012 Supreme Court ruling made the expansion optional for states”

    Thank you, Supreme Court

  2. Connor says:

    “Prosecutors claim Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio was guilty of insider trading, and that his prosecution had nothing to do with his refusal to allow spying on his customers without the permission of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. But to this day, Nacchio insists that his prosecution was retaliation for refusing to break the law on the NSA’s behalf.”

    Considering that congress can legally inside trade this is a bit rediculous.

  3. Wayne says:

    The NSA has proven time and time again to be “corrupt”.

    Since all of this public-domain controversy has started, I keep wondering what the future price of a hard-line phone will be?

  4. Crawford says:

    The website change is hilarious.

    Obama over promised and under delivered.

  5. BHS says:

    I’m sure MSNBC will find a way to blame republicans for the website crash.

  6. Paige says:

    Even a computer has realized that this is a terrible healthcare plan…

    ‘This webpage cannot be displayed’

  7. Perry says:

    ObamaCare website quietly deletes reference to “free health care.”

    Ain’t nothing free!