Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

imageObamaCare has failed my family

Small business ObamaCare online enrollment delayed a year.

Families USA gets $1.1 million to gather ObamaCare success stories. So much for objectivity.

Ken Arrow: a program is to eradicate malaria by subsidizing expensive but effective drugs using private markets to deliver them is working; the obstacles: governmental agencies, charities and nongovernmental organizations that have spent billions on the same problem but found few workable solutions to date.

The worldwide cost of medicine prescriptions will for the first time hit $1 trillion next year. HT: Jason Shafrin.

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  1. Bubba says:

    Socialist groups like Commonwealth Fund, Families USA, and Robert Wood Johnson have all been fighting to bring us socialized medicine paid for by other peoples’ money. You cannot believe a thing any of them publish. One has to wonder… Do their minions really believe this bunk? Or do they perpetuate their existence and make their livelihood off extinguishing the Great American Dream?

    • J. Hendershot says:

      You neglected to mention that for many, the Great American Dream is living a life subsidized by someone else. Just look at Seniors of the Post War generation. Social Security and Medicare will contribute far, far more towards their retirement than they contributed in payroll taxes. Yet, few would argue they don’t deserve the largess they receive from the government. I think that was the subject of a book by a Wall Street Journal business writer.

  2. perry says:

    Turning the Great American Dream into the Great American Nightmare, comrade.

  3. Devon Herrick says:

    The worldwide cost of medicine prescriptions will for the first time hit $1 trillion next year

    Prescription drug spending growth in the United States has been stable for a few years now. The growth is coming from developing countries like China and India.

  4. Billy says:

    “ObamaCare has failed my family“

    I wonder how many more people will end up saying this before we end it.

  5. Wiliam says:

    “Small business ObamaCare online enrollment delayed a year.”

    Yet when the GOP offered the same thing for individual insurance, no, they wouldn’t think of it.

  6. Jackson says:

    “Families USA gets $1.1 million to gather ObamaCare success stories.”

    Quick! Find something to make us look competent!

  7. Adam says:

    “The worldwide cost of medicine prescriptions will for the first time hit $1 trillion next year.”

    It would be a lot lower if people didn’t decide that 400% profit margins were acceptable on medicine.

    • Billy says:

      Are you against capitalism? If people don’t want it they won’t buy it.

      • Adam says:

        Yes, because I really have a choice in getting TB medicine for thousands of dollars when the exact same drug is sold outside of the US for around thirty. I have a choice in living or dying.

        • Buster says:

          It’s really simple. Just do away with the Durham-Humphrey Amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and allow most non-addictive drugs to be sold over the counter. The price of drugs would fall in a heart beat. Of course, they would still be more expensive than in countries with a lower standard of living due to price discrimination.

          • Adam says:

            Policy solutions are great, but sometimes we just have to be better people, even if it means our business isn’t quite as profitable.