Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

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  1. perry says:

    “Fewer than 1,000 Spanish speaking Californians have enrolled in ObamaCare.”

    What happened to Si, se puede?

    “IRS audits cancer patient who is ObamaCare critic.”

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence…..

  2. Trent says:

    “So, Monday I got a certified letter. I didn’t get my mail until late, so this past Tuesday I went and picked it up. Lo and behold, it’s from the IRS saying, “You’re going to be audited for the tax year of 2009.”

    Just let the man die in peace.

    • Lucas says:

      It’s alarming that the government won’t even allow people to choose when to die from their own illnesses. Instead racking thousands of dollars in bills to their loved ones.

      • Connor says:

        Yet no one is attempting to reform Post-Death healthcare costs

      • Tommy says:

        It is absurd that the UK has long implemented this individual rationale of receiving care but we are still calling them death panels. Nature is the only death panel out there.

  3. Trent says:

    “California’s experience could bode ill for other heavily Latino states, where the barriers to Spanish-language consumers are even greater. On the federal website, consumers won’t even be able to enroll in their native language until at least early December.”

    Hahahah, this I cannot believe that language wasn’t considered. It’s so idiotic it seems untrue.

  4. Trent says:

    “Translation: DOJ is threatening to audit private schools that admit voucher students. Shaking down private schools is another way to stunt the program.”

    Public schools are the competition, is this not picked up by anyone?

  5. Lucas says:

    “Overall, our results are consistent with existing research, which in general has found that targeted P4P incentives generate mixed, mostly modest physician responses…our findings send a cautionary message regarding the effectiveness of employing P4P to increase the quality of physician care.”

    We must tread lightly

  6. Buster says:

    Fewer than 1,000 Spanish speaking Californians have enrolled in ObamaCare

    Even with a subsidy, health coverage still impacts families’ budgets. Hispanics have higher rates of uninsurance even when controlling for income. It should not surprise anyone that Spanish speakers still may not flock to the exchanges.