Headlines I Wish I Hadn’t Seen

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  1. Jay says:

    “Are serving sizes on food packages intentional attempts to mislead us? No, they are dictated by the government.”

    Is the government trying to mislead us? Maybe…

    • Bill B. says:

      Especially when they adjust the serving sizes to unrealistic expectations. Who only eats 1/2 cup of ice cream?

  2. Thomas says:

    Seems like Medicare is having lots of issues regarding payouts lately. Paying suspended docs, overpaying eye docs, paying $500 mil out to chiropractors.

  3. Perry says:

    “Medicare kept paying dozens of doctors after they were suspended or terminated from state Medicaid programs or were indicted or charged with fraud.”

    To anyone who supports a single payor system run by the Federal Government:
    This does not inspire my confidence.

  4. James M. says:

    “Research by Human Rights Watch found that when cancer patients become incurable, oncologists tend to just send them home, saying there is “nothing we can do for you anymore.””

    I guess it is their way of ending the suffering, however morbid it may be.

  5. Walter Q. says:

    “Anita Bertrand doesn’t remember much about the first time she stole narcotics she was supposed to administer to surgical patients.”

    I have heard stories of nurses stealing the morphine or dilaudid out of the vials and refilling the vials with normal saline and giving that to the patients as pain meds. A true injustice in the medical setting.

  6. Martin L. says:

    I actually believe it is better to increase the serving sizes. They are misleading and that might be one of the causes to the rampant obesity in this country. It is unrealistic to believe that because the tag states that the portion is small, one will eat less. We need a better system to control weight and for consumers to receive information about the products they consume.

    • Shake & Bake says:

      So maybe if the portion sizes are longer and shows how unhealthy the food is, people will eat less of it, and people will make healthier choices.

  7. Paco H says:

    The government is not efficient, that is not surprising. So if the government keeps an individual in their payroll for longer than they expected doesn’t seem odd. This is just one of the unintended consequences of big government healthcare system.