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David Williams: there is no nursing shortage.

Quote of the day on the doc fix agreement: “The deal’s not done until they”ve agreed on how to pay for it.” Kevin Outterson.

The market for sex. Fascinating post.

Almost one in four 26 year-olds are still living with their parents.

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  1. Maratin G. says:

    Those who go to nursing school shouldn’t do it because it is a guaranteed employment. Nursing is a vocation; it is an expertise which involves handling a person when they need it most. Those who seek this profession shouldn’t have money as their top priority. There are no guarantees of future employment, but if one is passionate about nursing, unemployment shouldn’t be a concern.

  2. Thomas W, says:

    Sex workers are involved in a frowned upon business. It is a business that few respect and many deem it as evil. But, the conclusion of the article is true regardless of your views on the topic. Sex work is an informal job that involves many risks. People who work in this “industry” shouldn’t be vulnerable to these risks. There must be a change in the policy, try to find a way in which we can protect their rights.

    • Trent says:

      We also have to remember that sex workers don’t necessarily choose this profession, rather they are forced or have no options

      • Lucas says:

        yes, there are life choices, but at one point do you resort to prostitution? For many women its to get out of their war torn countries to come to America.

  3. Peter A says:

    Finding a way to pay for the doc fix agreement is the hard part. It is easy to claim what it has to be done, it is easy to say we are going to do “this and that,” the hard part is deciding where to get the funds from. Especially nowadays that the only source of funds that government has is cannibalizing from other programs. The hard part is still ahead of us, let’s hope is the least painful as possible.

    • Luca T says:

      Which program will Congress sacrifice? It gives them an interesting dilemma, especially when elections are around the corner. Each party will pull to protect the programs their electorate prefers, thus it will be hard for them to compromise.

      • Raphael S. says:

        I vote for a pay cut to congressmen and congresswomen. If they are not willing to reach a compromise, they are not doing their job, representing America; they are just following instructions from their party. And for such an easy task they shouldn’t earn a very high salary.

  4. Albert L says:

    It looks like this will be the new trend. Young adults will live with their parents longer. High unemployment rates for young individuals combined with the lack of incentives to move out will increase the amount of people living with their parents. This is a new phenomenon in American society, for which parents are not used to. Many are spending more than what they planned to thus, the repercussions of this occurrence won’t be known until those parents are close to retiring.

  5. BHS says:

    Almost one in four 26 year-olds are still living with their parents.

    Not at all a surprising stat. I know plenty of folks in that age bracket doing so.

  6. Frank N says:

    Sex workers should unionize. Operating under a union gives them leverage and working as a group would help them achieve better results.

  7. Patrick S. says:

    The lack of opportunities are forcing me to stay with my parents, there is no better explanation.

  8. Bubba says:

    Almost one in four 26 year-olds are still living with their parents.

    I cannot imagine living with my parents at age 26. Of course, my parents weren’t into the finer things in life: like drinking alcohol to excess, cavorting with wild women or smoking cigars in the bathtub.