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  1. Danilson C says:

    So because parent involvement doesn’t translate into higher test scores the article claims that parent involvement is not important in a child’s education. This just reflects on how poor the education system is in this country works. I certainly believe that test scores are not everything and if parental support doesn’t translate into better grades, at least it helps combat other issues of the system, such as bullying.

  2. Blake P says:

    My father used to say that anybody can change a diaper, but only a parent can give life advice. This is the same with education, teachers can successfully teach any subject, but the parents are determinant to help children make decisions with that knowledge. The study takes into consideration grades, but parental involvement goes further than just test scores.

    • Aaron G says:

      Correct, grades become rapidly insignificant. A test score in fourth grade doesn’t determine the future of the individual. But living without parental support will cause a lasting impact in the life of the children.

  3. Derrek says:

    This is the same liberal ideas that government is capable of raising children without the damaging intervention of parents. I believe that family always come first and I believe that the education family gives cannot be substituted by any education system or governmental program.

  4. Thomas G says:

    The article states it correctly, it is hard to mass produce a drug that will only be used in poor countries as it is not cost effective. No big pharmaceutical company will embark in this business knowing that there will be few revenues at the end of the day.

    • Patrick S says:

      Also, you have to consider the fact that there are many types of snakes and venoms, and there isn’t a medicine that is capable of addressing all of the issues simultaneously. Having the equivalent to an Epi-pen will be useless if one doesn’t know what type of snake was the responsible of the attack.

  5. Margaret Lauer says:

    There are way too many variables to conclude that parental involvement makes no difference or even hinders a child’s education. How does this correlate with child who are homeschooled. I know several and they are extremely high achievers who have a firm belief in their faith.

    • Miguel E says:

      You have a really good point. If parents weren’t important why are homeschooled children so successful?

  6. Patrick S says:

    The article on snakes criticizes the UN and the WHO for not addressing the issue. Maybe they don’t because they are focusing their limited efforts in fighting diseases that affect millions of people and might wipe an entire village if these diseases are not controlled. Snake bites are isolated cases that mount up. Like knife stabbings, should we regulate knifes because millions of people die from them every year?

  7. Teeza says:

    So are they suggesting that we should include “animal bite” into the list of health insurance?

  8. Pitar says:

    Great to read your informative article, looking foreword to your next one.

  9. Devon Herrick says:

    An argument that parents don’t matter.

    I know that in my life, my parents’ involvement in my life made a huge difference. There were certain expectations that manifest in ways I believe improved my performance later in life.