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  1. Allen says:

    “Three more states — Connecticut, Nebraska and New York — are in the process of allowing nurse practitioners to work without oversight from a doctor, in an effort to alleviate physician shortages.”

    Wouldn’t this lower prices of healthcare?

    • Trent says:

      We would hope so, but if there’s more accidents it won’t

      • Lucas says:

        Yes, if millions in lawsuits happen then any cost savings from not having doctors do it could actually raise the cost of the visit

  2. Trent says:

    “Over the last 12 months, shares of eHealth have skyrocketed 130%.”

    How can anyone be surprised by this. There was a reason these companies didn’t lobby more to prevent the bill

    • Lucas says:

      Just like when millionaires were in favor of Obama? There’s secret reasons behind everything

  3. Lucas says:

    “Drug development for Alzheimer’s disease lags behind that for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Through drug discovery, those four killers have become manageable chronic conditions in many cases. Alzheimer’s still relentlessly destroys cognition and kills within a decade or so of the first symptoms.”

    Comedian Seth Rogen is actually on a crusade to raise awareness of alzheimers

  4. James says:

    Alzheimers is the scariest disease of all

  5. Wally says:

    What about nurses who are allowed to write prescriptions?

    • Trent says:

      Even worse, there are already too many prescriptions being written without nurses getting involved

  6. Lucas says:

    Unfortunately more and more will be assigned to them, as insurance companies find ways to negate lawsuits