How Many People Really Have Bought Insurance in the Exchange?

Bob Laszewski:

bildeMy informal survey can’t be too precise, but I can say with pretty good confidence that based upon the drop-outs so far, about 20% of the 3.1 million people the administration has said have enrolled through January are not going to stick. That means the real number is closer to about 2.5 million.

Some of this attrition is due to people not paying their bill because they decided not to buy after all. Some to people signing-up twice and just paying once — can’t handle duplicate enrollments! Some of it may be due to people wanting coverage but they never got their invoice in all of the January administrative mess. Until the dust settles we really won’t know.

How many are newly insured verses re-enrolling?

In an earlier post I told you that published reports that put the number of reenrollments at about two-thirds of the ObamaCare exchange enrollments sounded about right given my own discussions with carriers. Two weeks later I haven’t heard anything to change that assessment.

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  1. Wally says:

    “Is Obamacare unraveling?”

    It would appear so

  2. Trent says:

    “Obamacare has created a well-documented market that is heavy in mandated minimum benefits but also as a result impacted by big deductibles, narrower provider networks, and higher premiums.”

    This makes for an extremely poor market and even poorer choices.

  3. Hal says:

    “Is Obamacare, with its clearly liberal versus free market view of what an insurance market should look like, on its way to unraveling?”

    I could have sworn this was already the belief

  4. Connor says:

    So many headaches