I feel So Much Safer…Burp

It turns out that the Food and Drug Administration tightly regulates “eggnog and eggnog flavored milk products” for human consumption. Since 1966, the FDA has prescribed a standard recipe: Products sold as such must contain at least 6% butterfat by weight and at least 1% egg yolk solids. Eggnog flavored milk, on the other hand, may include as little as 3.25% butterfat.

And oh yes, according to the FDA’s CPG Sec. 527.350, “The addition of yellow color may serve to adulterate the products under 403(b) of the Act since the use of such color would make the article appear to contain more egg yolk than it actually contains.”

View entire WSJ editorial on FDA’s regulations.

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  1. Buster says:

    As a kid I remember making eggnog using milk, sugar, raw eggs, vanilla and a blender. The ingestion of raw eggs would be considered unsafe today but it apparently didn’t kill me.

  2. August says:

    “Presumably, as a sugar-sweetened beverage, it cannot be sold in a container larger than 16 ounces within city limits of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s New York.”

    Regulation jab! But really, this is the essence of unnecessary regulation.

  3. Gabriel Odom says:

    I never worried about bacteria in eggnog when I grew up. The relatives put enough bourbon in it to sanitize the entire bowl.

    Thank you, dear government. I’m sure the human species would have all but gone extinct without your help.

  4. Neil Caffrey says:

    Regulations are the opposite of freedom.

  5. Johanne says:

    Is all this really necessary?! It doesn’t just sound like a bunch of…well…nonsense. But it also looks like they are trying to regulate our food intake. Sigh..

  6. Jordan says:

    Eggnog noo.. is nothing sacred?
    How Margaret Hamburg stole Christmas.