Is President Obama Breaking the Medicare Law?

On the Medicare funding issue, federal law requires that if the program’s funding becomes imbalanced, its trustees are required to issue a warning, and the president is required to send Congress a plan to repair the finances.

Then-President George W. Bush did just that during his time in the White House, but Mr. Obama has never filed the submission.

“The administration has failed each of the last four years to response to these funding warnings despite receiving several communications from Congress urging them to comply,” eight Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee said in a letter to the White House.

Washington Times.

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  1. David Hogberg says:

    The Senate is supposed to pass a budget resolution every year, but hasn’t for the last three, so…If the law has no enforcement mechanism, then whether politicians obey is simply a matter a convenience.

  2. Ken says:

    Definitely breaking the law.

  3. Andrew O says:

    “And Congress hasn’t passed a budget since 2009, even though the Budget Act of 1974 requires it to adopt a budget resolution by April 15 every year.”

    It seems to me both branches are at fault here. Another illustration of where politics is heading in this country…

  4. H. James Prince says:

    Yes, he’s probably guilty. However, isn’t accusing him of this similar to accusing the captain of the Titanic of ruining the upholstery?

    We are sinking – we might want to do something about that first.

  5. Evan Carr says:

    I appreciate your Titantic example Mr. Prince! And maybe the POTUS is just in denial…

  6. Gabriel Odom says:

    I don’t mean to play Devil’s Advocate here, but isn’t the Affordable Care Act his plan? I think that counts – even if it doesn’t actually help at all.