Lack of Sleep Affects Genes, and Other Links

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  1. Gabriel Odom says:

    “The idea is simple: no one born in or after 2000 can ever be sold cigarettes.”

    I dislike this idea, and not because I’m a smoker. I’m not. However, dictating permanently that an ever-increasing portion of the population will be barred from purchasing a commodity is disastrous to individual liberty. The problem here is that smokers are not made to feel the effects of their poor decisions.

    A better plan would be to allocate the smoking “sin tax” to care for patients suffering from the effects of smoking – COPD, lung cancer, throat cancer, and the like. Additionally, if the person chooses to smoke, then make them entirely responsible for any medical bills associated with health complications from smoking. Make the people aware that smoking is their choice, but the consequences are severe.

  2. Maria Jimenez-Herrera says:

    I would be ok with seeing a doctor over the phone or laptop. Many times when my kids have been sick, I would have to get all of them together and go to the urgent care clinic for a simple prescription. I know when my son has an ear infection, I know what to give him, and even what antibiotic the doctor will prescribe. I would much rather video chat with my doctor for 10 minutes, and have them fax the note to my CVS down the street.

  3. Jordan says:

    Sin taxes already existed on things like alcohol and tobacco I thought.. Should the federal government regulate addictive things? It says the FDA can’t. Poor chocolate..

  4. Jack says:

    I wonder how much hypochondria has been generated since webmd went live though. Even if it is more efficient, I seriously doubt the efficacy of telemedicine.

  5. H. James Prince says:

    All the more reason to get my full 8 hours of beauty rest.

  6. Jamison says:

    “Lack of sleep mars genes.”

    – Doesnt surprise me! When I dont get enough rest, I feel miserable the entire day.

  7. Kumar says:

    @ The Lack of Sleep Article

    I am not surprised about the correlation between lack of sleep and bad health. What concerns me is how prevalent this lack of sleep sufferance is? Given that modern life is full of constant distraction and stimulation, where we are constantly on the edge and connected, getting a good nights rest is increasingly elusive.

  8. Patel says:

    @ The Lack of Sleep

    I concur, certainly I had my fair share of all nighters from college, and I can tell you that the proceeding day feels like a daze and I am slow in processing and executing simple tasks.

  9. Yolanda says:

    A person shouldn’d need more reasons to get a healthy amount of hours of sleep than the fact that it negatively affects your health. It not only makes you less productive during your regular day, but it affects your health, gives you heahaches and makes you moody, to say the least. Now we have this study that gives us more incentive to take those needed hours of rest, do we need more? Just give your body what it’s asking you. At the end of the day it’s for your own good anyway. You might as well just do it.

  10. Desai says:

    @ The virtual medical services

    The article states that there will be 1.8 million people who will be using Telemedicine globally, I do think this is still a way too small number. Surely, there is greater potential.