New Efforts to Get People Signed Up with ObamaCare, and Other Links

Why millions of dollars spent trying to get healthy people to sign up for (ObamaCare insurance) may not work.

On the study finding that overweight people live slightly longer: “This study is really a pile of rubbish, and no one should waste their time reading it.”

Sanjay Gupta: I was wrong about weed.

Scott Sumner takes on Paul Krugman and shows no mercy.

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  1. Saul says:

    Paul Krugman is a popular target.

  2. Nigel says:

    It is a great advancement to see Sanjay, publicly apologize for his comments about marajuana. That gives me hope for the enlightenment of america of the possible medical uses of marajuana.

    • Nigel says:


      • Tom says:

        Especially due to his status in the media. Basically people listen to him and respect him I would presume and would case many people to re-consider their views if they were negative initially.

  3. Howard says:

    Lots of new studies and articles on illegal drugs in some really good publications lately.

  4. Bubba says:

    Sanjay Gupta: I was wrong about weed.

    Marijuana causes people to become lazy and prone to binge-eating snack foods. I really suspect it’s a conspiracy by Frito Lay to sell more Doritos. The U.S. government was really more concerned that weed-smoking Americans become more like the French — complacent, and overly-concerned about eating (except without the haute cuisine).