How is This Different from a Shakedown?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has gone, hat in hand, to health industry officials, asking them to make large financial donations to help with the effort to implement President Obama’s landmark health-care law, two people familiar with the outreach said. Her unusual fundraising push comes after Congress repeatedly rejected the Obama administration’s requests for additional funds to set up the Affordable Care Act, leaving HHS to implement the president’s signature legislative accomplishment on what officials have described as a shoestring budget.

This is from Sarah Kliff.

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  1. Desai says:

    Well, I think it is safe to say that every government official should get used to working on a short string budget, it should be a necessary discipline given that we are broke.

  2. Patel says:

    They should just outsource it and see if someone in Indian can set up the network on the cheap and then implement it in America.

  3. Kerrigan says:

    Lol @ Patel. Can you imagine the drama that can result, we are taking US’ tax payer money to fund a project for which we aren’t even employing American workers!

  4. Abathur says:

    Can’t we just borrow an IT network system from germany and try to play with in here.

  5. Keller says:

    They are short of 1.5 billion, this is all to just have the system up and running. Next would be to see if we can do a good job navigating and managing a large volume of traffic.

  6. Yo Yo Ma says:

    How far have they come along to getting donation on that front, by now I thought that Obama already squeezed out the last pennies from donors for this. Let see how it goes, I know he was in NYC recently attending 3 fund raising functions.

  7. Pete says:

    Go Go austerity measures. He could always borrow more from China, but I’m not sure they’ll let the currency go.

  8. Jack says:

    I know.. they could suspend congressional pay. It’s supposed to be an honor to represent constituents right? Besides they make more than enough in earmarks and back room deals.

    Sorta like Pelosi’s investments with Chase right before pro bank legislation came out, netting her a nice profit.

  9. Sam says:

    Another interesting piece of news about the new health care law. Not surprised.

  10. Tim says:

    Why don’t we just get rid of fiat money? Money backed up by nothing is what has led to all of this over-spending big mess. We need to re-think the way we view our “economy” into the new 21st century.

  11. Misty says:

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