ObamaCare Fan Learns She Has Second Thoughts

Jessica Sanford, a self-employed single-mom, was so ecstatic at being able to purchase affordable health coverage for her and her son that she wrote President Obama a fan letter. The president even acknowledged her letter and quoted from it in an October 21 speech.

Ms. Sanford later discovered the state website she had used to calculate her subsidy had made an error:

Originally it said Sanford and her child would get a whopping tax credit that would reduce their total premium to $169 a month. Now the state is telling her it goofed — twice — and she has to pay full ticket. There may even be a third goof involved: At least one health-insurance broker says she may qualify for a tax credit after all, albeit a small one.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation Subsidy Calculator, family of two with an income of just under $50,000, living in Washington State would be required to spend nearly $4,750 per year on health coverage before it qualified for a subsidy. This is more than double what she was originally told she would be required to spend.

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  1. Trent says:

    The Joe the plumber of healthcare seems to be having difficulties.

  2. Carter says:

    I don’t think its Obamas fault that the rates were different, theres been thousands of problems and changes
    since he said that

  3. Lucas says:

    “The mistake involved 4,600 policies covering 8,000 people – Sanford’s policy was one of them.”

    /r cringeworthy

  4. Connor says:

    “Suppose a person claimed an income of $50,000 a year — the tax credit was based on an income of $4,166 a year.”

    That difference is more than just a minor glitch

  5. Hal says:

    “She says she wants to make it clear she has no beef with Obama and Obamacare. She still believes in the Affordable Care Act. “I don’t want this to be a political thing,” she says. “I don’t want to be bashing the president. I don’t want to be bashing the ACA. I don’t want to come across as saying that. I am a big Obama fan.”

    How can she still be a supporter?