ObamaCare Payments to Insurance Companies Almost As Much As Subsidies for Individuals and Families


CBO estimates that subsidies to individuals for premiums will cost the government $13 billion this year and that cost-sharing subsidies — payments that reduce out-of-pocket payments by low-income enrollees for medical goods and services — will cost an additional $3 billion, for a total of around $16 billion. That’s only slightly more than the nearly $15.5 billion that insurers can expect in direct payments from the government.

Source:Doug Badger.

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  1. Trent says:

    “Where did the 10 million figure come from? Senator Durbin appears to have added the number of people who were reported to have selected plans in the exchanges through February 1 (3.3 million) to the number of people who were determined by state agencies to be eligible for Medicaid over the last three months of 2013 (6.3 million), and then rounded 9.6 million up to an even 10 million.”

    God, I hate Dick Durbin.

  2. BHS says:

    Quit subsidizing everything and everyone!

  3. Connor says:

    “That does not mean that 4 million uninsured people now have obtained coverage. The number is almost certainly much lower than that — probably in the range of 500,000 to 800,000”

    How can the Obama Administration sit by and watch people suffer without insurance due to not being able to sign up’?

  4. Lacey says:

    The administration’s plan seems to be “Keep throwing numbers at people until they’re too confused to ask any more questions.”

  5. Perry says:

    Why didn’t the gov’t just go out and buy insurance for those that needed it. Seems it would have cost less than this fiasco.