“Open Payments” Website Missing $1 Billion

Just yesterday, we discussed┬áthe federal government’s intrusive and mischievous Open Payments website, where payments for consulting and similar services provided by doctors to pharmaceutical and medical-device makers are publicized.

If the people really demand this information, then I recommended that government payments be included at the same website. After all, if people suspect that companies paying experts for their services is inherently corrupt, then they should have the same suspicion of government payments.

The relevant industries, represented by their trade associations (PhRMA, AdvaMed, and BIO) have bought into the Sunshine Law which created the Open Payments database. However, the flawed roll out of the website led even them publicly to express “concern” with the database.

Well, less than a week after launching the database, the federal government has disclosed more errors, adding up to about $1 billion:

The federal government’s new database of drug and device industry payments to doctors is even more incomplete than has been reported previously.

In a fact sheet posted online, federal officials disclosed that the database, dubbed Open Payments, is missing more than $1 billion in payments made between August and December 2013. These omissions are in addition to information the government has redacted from the payments it has disclosed, citing inconsistencies. (Charles Ornstein, ProPublica)

The Open Payments website is starting to look like a re-play of healthcare.gov, the Obamacare exchange website.

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  1. Clint Ritter says:

    With NSA a hot topic, wrong time for federal government to indicate even a single fiber of being “intrusive and mischievous”