The American Left, and Other Links

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  1. Brian says:

    Some privacy policies are made too long probably because they don’t want you to read them. They figure to annoy people enough with the length that people just won’t bother to read them.

  2. Bruce says:

    The leeft really is crazy.

  3. Devon Herrick says:

    The American (and British) Left thought Soviet Russia was Socialist Utopia, to the extent they probably were complicit in helping bring about the (nearly) five-decade long Cold War. Their modern-day equivalents view Chavez and Castro in a similar light. Assad probably doesn’t have their unwavering respect, but (to my knowledge) he’s never been a poster child for socialism.

    When I took the two classes Theory of Political Economy I&II as a required course for my doctoral program, my professor explain that all despots gain and hold on to power using rhetoric about equality and protecting the masses. The same is true of the left-leaning political elite in the United States. They still claim equality and social justice is their goal. But I wonder if these stated goals aren’t just an excuse to gain power –which may be the real goal.

  4. Eric says:


    I don’t see Chavez or Castro being viewed in a sympathetic light by the American left. Where are you getting this idea from? The ignorant conceptions about the left on this site are pretty astounding.

  5. Dayana Osuna says:

    American leftists go by the motto of social equality. They believe that differences in society between the disadvantaged compared to others should be diminished, or even abolished completely.
    Chavez ideal has the exact same roots. He is concerned about the poor, and he argues that it is unjust for this group of people not to have the same opportunities to grow as the rest of the Venezuelan population.
    Interestingly enough, Venezuela still has the third-lowest poverty rate among Latin American countries and the inflation rate continues to rise as we speak, from a 20% since President Chavez took office in 1998, to a current 29% approximately…any good explanation for this? No, it is just about ‘fairness’, meaning we shall all (Venezuelans) be poor if we cannot all be rich…Talk about justice!
    Just because American leftists share some of the same ideologies that move Chavez’s regime, as well as Castro’s, it doesn’t mean they agree or support the decisions these Presidents have made. Nobody on their right mind does!
    As Friedman’s post said ‘Chavez, however, is one of the few national leaders to support Assad’…I wonder why.