Too Poor for ObamaCare

…Marc Alphonse, an unemployed 40-year-old Marine veteran who is essentially homeless, cannot get health insurance under ObamaCare. Three years ago, Alphonse learned he has a kidney disorder that will deteriorate into kidney failure, and possibly prove fatal, if left untreated. As it stands now, he suffers from bouts of nausea caused by his dysfunctional kidneys, and he’s dogged by an old knee injury that limits his job prospects. Alphonse is one of nearly 5 million uninsured Americans caught in a cruel gap that renders some Americans “too poor for ObamaCare.” (Huffington Post)

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  1. Matthew says:

    It is called the “Affordable Care Act,” yet people living on $400 a week can’t get coverage? If ObamaCare can’t help the people it is targeting, then who can it help?

  2. Buddy says:

    Alphonse is one of nearly 5 million uninsured Americans caught in a cruel gap that renders some Americans “too poor for ObamaCare.”

    With 5 million Americans falling in this gap, this is a serious issue. ObamaCare was passed to give insurance for everyone, not to have 5 million people fall through the cracks.

    • Jay says:

      I would like to know if one person can legitimately say their quality of life has improved thanks to ObamaCare.

      • Bill B. says:

        After a quick google search, I found one segment of the market who like it,


        “Thanks Obamacare: Prostitutes Say It Is ‘Truly a Blessing'”

  3. Morgon says:

    Obamacare does not protect the person who served for this country.

    • Megan T says:

      It is not Obamacare, is the whole system. How is it possible that a veteran doesn’t receive enough to live? They sacrificed a lot for this country and they should be treated accordingly. If that veteran has afflictions due to his service, there must be a provision that allows him to qualify for insurance. America seems to forget who fights for what we treasure. The blame is not on Obamacare, the Supreme Court or the Republicans in the states that rejected Medicaid expansion. In the case mentioned in the article the blame is on the Army and on Veterans Affairs. They should be responsible for the returning soldiers.

      • Buddy says:

        I am baffled that he does not qualify for any medical care from ObamaCare or from the VA. It is ridiculous that a former soldier would have to go to such lengths for care when he is below the poverty limit.

  4. Chaz says:

    How would he get insurance under the pre-Obamacare system?

  5. Ken U says:

    The article shouldn’t blame Republicans. The Supreme Court ruled that forcing states to expand Medicaid went against the Constitution. They decided that the Federal Government was not allowed to impose such decree on the states. The only thing that the different state legislators and governors did was to decide on whether or not the expansion of Medicaid was beneficial to their state. Many saw that it would impose heavy burdens that went against the state’s best interest. It is not Republicans’ fault that some states saw the expansion as a disadvantage. In fact, the authors of ACA should be responsible for these issues. They designed the law which dictated an unconstitutional decree, and based their entire program on the assumption that no one would care if they violated the Constitution. But the Supreme Court defended the States’ rights and ruled down that provision. The authors of the programs are to blame, because after the ruling they should have changed the law to abide with the ruling, instead of implementing it without one of its major components.

    • James M. says:

      Agreed. I wouldn’t put all of the blame on “staunch Republican resistance,” as the article implies. ACA was flawed from the get-go.

  6. Xavier R says:

    How come a veteran doesn’t get insurance and is hard for him to get the treatment he needs, while illegal immigrants are receiving care without paying. That really raises the question of what is going wrong with America.

    • Hernandez says:

      “How come a veteran doesn’t get insurance and is hard for him to get the treatment he needs, while illegal immigrants are receiving care without paying.”

      Definitely right.

  7. Linda Gorman says:

    This man has a wife and three children. The story is inaccurate in that a family of 5 with an income of less than $426 a month automatically qualifies for Florida Medicaid.

    In addition, Florida has a medically needy program to help people pay for medical costs, TANF, and the Temporary Cash Assistance program.

  8. Bob Hertz says:

    Something else is fishy. All it takes is a 10% service connected disability to get full VA health benefits (unless one was dishonorably discharged.)

    Incidentally, the Huff Post had 3500 responses, which mainly concentrated on the stinginess of the southern states.

    • Lucy says:

      Yea, the comment section on this article is something else: “I never could have imagined that Republicans could show such contempt for so many people and it’s no wonder that a Gallup poll exposed them as being psychopathic at 78% of them.”