VHA Sitting on Results of 140 Investigations

We recently noted that the government’s own watchdog has noted that the Veterans Health Administration is at high risk for fraud, waste, and abuse. Unfortunately, the public has little ability to see the evidence. USA Today has discovered that  the Veterans Health Administration has not been very forthcoming about the department’s shortcomings:

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ chief watchdog has not publicly released the findings of 140 health care investigations since 2006, potentially leaving dangerous problems to fester without proper oversight, a USA TODAY analysis of VA documents found.

It is impossible to know how many of the investigations uncovered serious problems without seeing the reports, but all concerned VA medical care provided to veterans or complaints of clinical misconduct.

The VA inspector general declined to provide the reports, say what’s in them or why the contents were kept from the public. (Donovan Slack, USA Today)

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  1. RogueMD says:

    See doctors take on the issue: https://youtu.be/ZHiMHEIANio