You May Have to Cook Your Own Burger

And fry your own fries. This from the Hudson Institute:

Our report shows that [ObamaCare] will have negative effects on the franchising industry’s ability to grow and create much-needed jobs for the U.S. economy. We estimate that the law will negatively affect tens of thousands of franchise businesses, adding more than $6.4 billion in increased costs, not including the cost of regulatory compliance. Further, we estimate that the jobs of more than 3.2 million full-time employees in franchise businesses would be put at risk.

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  1. Gabriel Odom says:

    Great. I guess Obama really does hate fast food.

  2. Josh says:

    I always loved the thought of Franchising. It looks like Obama may be kicking my dream down the drain.

  3. H. James Prince says:

    In the very near future: “Now Introducing the 5 Dollar Value Menu!”

  4. Patel says:

    Great, the most vulnerable segment of the population are further affected by this. I do feel bad for most of the people who are working in these franchise business now that their jobs are on very shaky grounds.